I said I wouldn’t…


But this shit has turned my head into a flaming skull.

A flaming skull.

America had to make the most of two bad choices when it voted in 2016. One was viewed as corrupt and the other as a narcissistic, racist misogynist.

Okaaaay, it turns out that an old rich white guy who thinks its ok to grab your daughters pussy, is the choice of the American voter. I don’t know if American voters really intended for Trump to get in, I think they simply wanted an  acknowledgement of their pain by a large swing in the polls.

Much to everyone’s surprise the protest vote won.

So why is Auntie Angie a flaming skull?

Because the election of Trump has made it ok to be a narcissistic, racist misogynist in Australia too and we don’t need any more encouragement.

Political groups like One Nation, famous for being anti-everyone that’s not a blue eyed white person are gaining huge bounds in the popularity polls. Extreme right wing and White supremacist groups, masquerading as vigilantes saving us from the brown terror are rising in numbers and lowering the collective IQ of the country.

Once they would have been ignored by the media and regarded as a slightly brain damaged cousin at the family BBQ, now these people are getting attention and a voice. They speak for “us”. The disenfranchised and the downtrodden, those who of us who say they can’t get a job because some poor bugger who arrived in Australia by boat is stealing their jobs.

Seriously? If you can’t get a job because a refugee who doesn’t speak English and has no qualifications is a better candidate than you, then you need to look deep into your mean little bogan heart and reassess your job and life skills.

It’s not ok to be a bigot or a racist or a misogynist. Never.

Stop being polite when friends or family say this sort of shit. Call them out on this behavior, they only get away with it because people “don’t want to cause trouble” or can’t be bothered with the conflict.

By not calling them out for their shit, by not saying “that’s racist/sexist” there is an unspoken  approval of their abhorrent behaviour. If people are not questioned about why they believe something, they will assume you agree with them – even if you don’t.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Auntie Angie