Parents, not kids should have a Gap Year.

What the hell has a teenage sub adult done to deserve a Gap Year?

“Oh Mummy, you have wiped my bum, made my lunches, paid for all my education, now I deserve a year’s holiday for learning the basics of reading and writing.”

Seriously people, the kid has done nothing.

Have a look at other kids who have had a gap year. Are they successful? Have they gone on to university? Some will but how many of them are working as barista’s in some trendy cafe with no clear life plan after they have finished their Gap year?

They shouldn’t get a paid year off to find out what they want to do with their life. That’s what the school guidance counsellors are for. The only thing they will find out at the end of their gap year is that its nice to have Mum and Dad pay for everything and that they like to travel. No surprises there, everyone likes to travel at someone else’s expense.

I guess that the real point this post – what benefit is there in a Gap Year? It doesn’t seem to result in more focused successful adults and simply adds to the financial burden of parents who should be using that money to fund their own Gap year.

Maybe it’s all backwards, perhaps it’s the parents who deserve a Gap year. For raising your kids, for being there for them for eighteen years non-stop, for putting up with their shit both literally and figuratively.

I propose that parents take a Gap year or a child free sabbatical.

They have done the hard work and have earned it, unlike the kids who have yet to accomplish anything.

Auntie Angie