Why dont we hunt arms dealers?

Obama’s recent and rare use of the presidential veto got me thinking about where people get their guns from. This train of thought expanded out to IS/Daesh, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Hamas, the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

We know these guys are committing horrific atrocities, that they are annexing large areas of the middle east and everyone agrees they must be stopped.  The best way to do this would be to cut off their power in the form of their weapons.

Without ammunition or guns, they would be reduced to hurling rocks, Molotov cocktails and street fights. Bad but not as bad as a sub machine gun used to slaughter an entire village.

If they are cut off from the weapons supply and these terrorist groups lose their power. They become another bunch of disgruntled men shouting at each other.

Some of the most common weapons are the Chinese or Russian Kalashnikov and RPK, The American M16 and the German MP5.

So where are these groups getting the guns and ammo from?  In the case of Daesh, many of them were looted from the government but the continued supply of ammo has to come from elsewhere.

Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t heard of the arrest of an international arms dealer in years, maybe even decades. They had quietly faded out of the public eye and back into the shadows.

When you add President Putin’s recent support of Syria’s Assad regime, a leader that everyone things should be removed from office, it becomes clearer.

Russia has had some nasty economic shocks since the GFC. Its main exports are oil, petroleum products and steel. The price of all of these commodities has dropped dramatically in recent years, oil for example going from $110 a barrel to the current $36. That is going to be hurting their current account deficit.

China also has similar issues.

A product is product and maybe they just want to make a sale but this looks like state sponsored terrorism to me, but not with an idealogical view but an economic one.

And I’m not just calling out Russia on this one. The US, Germany, Croatia and many other counties are supporting terrorism by not cracking down on arms dealers that operate out of their countries, state sponsored or not.

This has to stop.

Auntie Angie is sick of your shit.


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